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How do you bring about a renaissance of humanity? Why, together, of course. Meet our co-instigators in this promethean endeavour. 



A social movement advocating for an alternative economic model that sets the wellbeing of people and the environment as the ultimate markers of success. Notably, the ECG is participating in United Nations roundtables to provide concrete pathways for businesses and civil society to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The people who share

Part not-for-profit, part consultancy, this social enterprise is spearheading the global shift towards the sharing economy, and ushering in what they call 'The Future of Life'. With the rise of technology that enables people to self organise, the access of resources, instead of ownership, is the new paradigm. TPWS are helping everyone, from individuals, to business, and civic bodies prepare for the coming change.

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With main hubs in London and Berlin, and mini hubs in New York, Paris, and Amsterdam, Crossmodalism is a movement born from the synthesis of art, science, and entrepreneurship. It is based in learning and collaboration across non-traditionally linked disciplines, ideas, and communities. Through this foundation, Crossmodalism fosters an appreciation of the full human experience in connection to its sensorial and natural environment.


Organisation for the prevention of intense suffering

OPIS is a recently founded Swiss “think-and-do tank” that puts compassion at the heart of the society of the future. OPIS promotes the ethical principle that nothing matters more than preventing or relieving the physical or emotional suffering of sentient beings, both humans and non-humans, with highest priority given to those suffering most intensely. Their vision is a gentler world where the needs of all are met, and where decision-making is based on evidence and compassion. OPIS is making a difference through education, advocacy, films and creative communication campaigns that advocate both ethical systemic change and solutions to specific causes of preventable suffering.


Upstream Podcast

Upstream is a radio documentary and interview series showcasing radical ideas and inspiring stories for a just transition to a more beautiful and equitable world. Through themed episodes, Upstream explore a wide variety of topics pertaining to our 21st-century economy using a mixture of heartfelt stories, expert interviews, and rich sound design. They invite listeners to challenge their traditional assumptions and to imagine what a democratic, fair, and sustainable economy might look like.

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The Alternative UK

A political platform, not a party, aiming to reimagine politics in the UK and beyond. Their purpose is to catalyse a new politics that goes far beyond our current reality. And their focus is on engagement more than elections, on values over ideology, on futures that include, not exclude. Their values? Courage, generosity, transparency, humility, humour, and empathy.

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Marbles and Ware

A collective or artistic souls who came together as a direct response to the formality and stuffiness of an outdated system. Part placemakers, part magic makers and entirely imagination peddlers, these art boffins turn every event into the most fantastically immersive experience.



An Athens-based digital antiquity outfit focusing on culture and education by developing multimedia, web and mobile applications, including virtual and augmented reality. 

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Archimedes Digital

A Boston-based digital antiquity outfit that creates digital applications for the humanities, including virtual and augmented reality, with the aim of connecting us to our shared histories and cultures. They partner collaboratively with museums, archives, libraries, and digital humanists to innovate in both technology and the humanities.

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Our communications partner is a new PR & Marketing agency concept that combines Communications, Coaching and Co-Creation. They take a more empathic approach that's all about the art of conversation.



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